DECENTER will organ­ize a webin­ar at HIPEAC Com­put­ing Sys­tems Weeks on 6th May 2021 at 10:00 CET and we will be glad to count on your attend­ance!

HiPEAC is a European net­work of almost 2,000 world-class com­put­ing sys­tems research­ers, industry rep­res­ent­at­ives and stu­dents.

DECENTER pro­ject is an European Pro­ject in col­lab­or­a­tion with Korea which provides a fog com­put­ing plat­form to orches­trate cloud-to-edge resources that provides all the neces­sary tools to cre­ate and oper­ate AI-based work­loads close to the IoT infra­struc­ture, i.e., where the data is pro­duced. With respect to cloud-based solu­tions, DECENTER enables real-time data ana­lyt­ics and low-latency actu­ations, while also ensur­ing pri­vacy by design.

In the webin­ar, DECENTER pro­ject will present one of its main fea­tures: facil­it­a­tion of the cre­ation and orches­tra­tion of cloud-nat­ive AI applic­a­tions in edge envir­on­ments. For that, the over­all pro­ject will be intro­duced; then, two of the use cases will be show­cased to see the pro­ject res­ults in action; and finally some experts in the domain will be invited to dis­cuss on the webin­ar mat­ter.


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