Today we released a video show­ing the bene­fits of the DECENTER tech­no­logy in smart-city cross­ings, check it out

The DECENTER pro­ject enters into the exper­i­ment­al phase with the “Smart City Cross­ing Safety” developed in Trento.

A new cut­ting-edge way to safe­guard people’s safety by mak­ing the most of the tech­no­lo­gies that sur­round us.

Watch this video and enter the world of DECENTER and find out how Resource orches­tra­tion, Hierarchical/distributed AI, Multi-tier fog com­put­ing plat­form, Digit­al twin and oth­er tech­no­logy can change your life. 

This is only the first of a series of videos, stay tuned for more updates!
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