DECENTER has submitted contributions on standardization of Internet of Media Things (IoMT) which is a sub group of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC29 WG11 (a.k.a. Motion Picture eXpert Group – MPEG).

IoMT is focus­sing on stand­ard­iz­a­tion of man­age­ment and con­trol of media-related AI such as object detec­tion or speech recog­ni­tion with the help of IoT pro­to­cols. IoMT has pub­lished inter­na­tion­al stand­ards under ISO/IEC 23093. The con­tri­bu­tions sub­mit­ted from DECENTER includes use case scen­ari­os which makes use of AI Microservices, and pro­pos­al of meth­ods to deploy and man­age AI onto edge devices.

All the con­tri­bu­tions are accep­ted in the Tech­no­logy under Con­sid­er­a­tion of IoMT, and will be included in the next ver­sion of IoMT with detailed descrip­tion of each IoMT ana­lyz­ers in use cases. KETI, FBK, UL and SNU has worked togeth­er to pre­pare the con­tri­bu­tions, and will con­tin­ue work on the stand­ard­iz­a­tion togeth­er unless it does not con­flict to the interest of each partner’s nation­al body.