A spe­cial ses­sion on KIBME (Korean Insti­tute of Broad­cast and Media Engin­eers) Sum­mer Con­fer­ence has been held to share the exper­i­ence and know­ledge acquired from DECENTER pro­ject.

The Sum­mer Con­fer­ence of KIBME is held annu­ally to dis­cuss on vari­ous media tech­no­lo­gies, and this year’s Sum­mer Con­fer­ence has been held online from 13 to 15 July 2020.

The name of spe­cial ses­sion was ‘Media pro­cessing tech­no­logy with cloud-edge’, and total nine papers have been sub­mit­ted from DECENTER part­ners describ­ing video pro­cessing on edge, AI ser­vice archi­tec­ture for media pro­cessing, and apply­ing Kuber­netes. 

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