The pro­ject is very much alive and act­ive!

Due to epi­demi­olo­gic­al reas­ons around the world with the COVID-19 coronavir­us, we organ­ized a pro­ject meet­ing online between 8–9 June 2020.

Based on our exper­i­ence from reg­u­lar tele­con­fer­ences, the meet­ing went smoothly and despite the great time dif­fer­ences of the par­ti­cipants, we man­aged to con­duct the meet­ing very suc­cess­fully.

We invite you to view the updated sec­tion INNOVATION, USE CASES and the updated sec­tion of ACCOMPLISHMENTS, where you can find sci­entif­ic, con­fer­ence and non-sci­entif­ic papers and a list of deliv­er­ables.

Screen­shot from the 7th (online) meet­ing
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