Monitoring System

Resource Mon­it­or­ing is a crit­ic­al piece of the con­trol sys­tems of microservices, as the more com­plex your soft­ware gets, the harder it is to under­stand its per­form­ance and troubleshoot prob­lems. Giv­en the dra­mat­ic changes to soft­ware deliv­ery, how­ever, mon­it­or­ing needs an over­haul to per­form well in a microservice envir­on­ment.
The mon­it­or­ing sys­tem of DECENTER will cov­er the fea­tures for the microservice-based sys­tem, such as, mon­it­or­ing con­tain­ers and what’s inside them, alert­ing on ser­vice per­form­ance and con­tain­er per­form­ance, mon­it­or­ing ser­vices that are elast­ic and multi-loc­a­tion, mon­it­or APIs for mon­it­or­ing cli­ents such as REB, SLO, and Applic­a­tions and map your mon­it­or­ing to your organ­iz­a­tion­al struc­ture

Part­ner: Gluesys