IoT Platform: sensiNact

Eclipse sensiN­act is an IoT Applic­a­tion Enable­ment Plat­form, integ­rat­ing Device Man­age­ment cap­ab­il­it­ies, par­tic­u­larly ded­ic­ated to the smart city domain.

It provides sup­port for vari­ous IoT pro­to­cols and plat­forms in order to provide a homo­gen­ous view over het­ero­gen­eous data sources avail­able in the city envir­on­ments.

Our urb­an data plat­form is an innov­at­ive mod­u­lar and ser­vice-ori­ented plat­form which enables easy integ­ra­tion of new data sources (IoT devices, open data plat­forms, leg­acy IT sys­tems, crowd­sourcing apps, etc.) into the plat­form. We mod­el each node (e.g., IoT device, com­put­ing node, data source) as a ser­vice pro­vider, provid­ing sens­ing, com­put­ing and actu­at­ing ser­vices. We then build applic­a­tions by com­bin­ing those ser­vices, so that applic­a­tions can dynam­ic­ally use/change/remove ser­vices respond­ing to con­tinu­ous changes in the phys­ic­al con­text.


Part­ner: CEA / Kenty­ou