Digital Twin: sensiNact

Kenty­ou provides a digit­al twin that provides, not only the real-time inform­a­tion about the phys­ic­al envir­on­ment but also pre­dic­tion about that envir­on­ment based on the embed­ded ML and AI fea­tures.
The cus­tom­iz­able onto­logy behind the data mod­el enables semant­ic reas­on­ing applic­able to dif­fer­ent applic­a­tion con­text. The Digit­al Twin take bene­fit of the edge com­put­ing (there­fore address­ing the latency and pri­vacy con­cerns) and also pro­pose a dis­trib­uted AI train­ing, test­ing and col­lab­or­at­ive decision mak­ing.


Part­ner: CEA/Kentyou